Blazed Work Site

Here you will find documentation and learning resources.


View the software and web applications produced by Blazed Labs LLC. Many are open source, and thus welcome contribution from the community.


At our virtual school, you will learn the basic and advanced topics of software development. This school is completely free and open source, and requires no registration.

Research Labs

We also perform research in computer security, software performance, user experience data and analysis, product development related research, and more.

We make dreams come true.

We are dedicated to user interaction, open source development, decentralized workflows, and the gig economy.

Open Source Development

We welcome and cultivate open source development.

Project Planning Group

Our official project planning group is an open and free collaborative office, where general plans are devised. This group is hosted on Facebook. This office operates 100% transparently, and always welcomes contribution.

Development Information

All of our software is open source, and can be contributed to by anyone. We host a local development site where you may read up on our internal development updates.